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A Pinch of German

Where we never compromise on taste or quality!

Check us out for spices, gift baskets, cookbooks and more! 

About me, and the story behind the pinch!

At A Pinch of German, we are focused on providing quality products with the highest levels of customer satisfaction –My name is Nathalie, the owner and founder of A Pinch of German. I’m a Cookbook Writer and Spice blend creator specializing in creatively while instinctively writing recipes and developing spice blends that are versatile in several dishes. I’ve been a Cookbook Writer and Spice blend creator since 1980 and established A Pinch of German in 2012. I know large gap right, truth is I started cooking at a VERY young age!

My background is very diverse; I am a self taught cook, with a passion for food. I love to keep my dishes pretty rustic and made and served as mom would. I want you to see what you are eating and not be fooled my camera trickery so my photos are just as served. Refusing compromise on flavor I keep things simple and delicious using the best ingredients. Blending my German heritage, with Irish, Polish and American influences, my dishes are authentic with a twist!

I started this journey back when I was young, fortunately I for me I have known for a long time that creating and recreating recipes was my passion. Since I was a young child my goal was to write a cook book but to find my place in the cookbook world was going to be a challenge! My dream is to have a successful spice and cookbook company where I can test recipes and share my love for cooking with the world.

Through the creation of my spice blends like Schnitzel, and Goulash spice, House Spice, and Basil Salt (along with several others), I have been able to package some of these sensational flavors. This allowed me to recreate some of the traditional tastes found in my favorite recipes and it will do the same for you, allowing you to cook as easily in your kitchen as I do in mine

In my free time, I love to spend time with my children and my husband. We enjoy going to the beach, family time and rides along the coast. My most favorite activity is cooking throwing parties with friends and family so in our family entertaining is a must! 

Why us?

All of our spices are Gluten Free and authentic passed down blends! Something different and set apart from regular! They a variety of uses and make everything delicious!

All products are made fresh to order of high quality ingredients! We never sacrifice of flavor and guarantee excellent quality!