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A Pinch of German

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GF Recipe Pinch Blog

GF Recipe Pinch Blog

WELCOME!  I hope you enjoy the trials and tribulations of writing, testing, and cooking gluten free!   I love to cook and test products especially for others to enjoy!. Remember to follow me, comment and share your stories I love to hear from you!!


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Posted on January 12, 2015 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (842)

You have heard all the rage right about everyone on the Garcinia Cambogia bandwagon right?  I was so happy to get the chance
to test this product because I can stand to lose some weight.. couldn't most of us lol.

Well I am happy to say it has been 8 days and I am down 4 lbs.  I am sure it is water weight but I am willing to move forward
and see where it goes. 

What I can say is I don't have any weir side effects from neither Garcinia nor the Rasberry. The only thing that I did notice is that
is that I am not hungry, I feel lighter and more confident.  The only negative I have is the pills are a little large, nothing
to write home about and average I guess to other vitamins but I burp up the rasberry which is actually not a bad taste, and
sometimes have a hard time getting the pills all the way down.  I take a lot of vitamins without this issue which is why
I found it strange for me but nontheless, I have no real complaints about this and am looking forward to the rest of my 30 day trial.

The specifics...
WHY SUMMIT NUTRITIONS GARCINIA CAMBOGIA? - Our Garcinia Cambogia is 100% Natural, it is extracted only from the natural source (Not synthesized in lab) by using natural water(Scientifically Developed Patented Extraction Method), a traditional Ayurveda method by eliminating the use of harsh solvent like alcohol, acetone etc.

 85% HCA MAXIMUM STRENGHT FORMULA - Summit Nutritions Garcinia Cambogia has more than 85% HCA complex which includes real and legitimate (Third party Tested in US according to standardization of USP/NF) approximate 72% (-) HCA and its in stabilized form with complex of natural lactones of HCA, Citric Acid and Mineral of Natural calcium

 NATURAL SOURCE OF CALCIUM - It also serve as source of natural calcium since the calcium is from the plant itself in is natural form. No artificial Calcium is added.

 MAXIMUM CLINICAL STRENGTH FORMULA - We developed and formulated the product in the maximum clinical strength formula,1500 mg / Serving (Recommended clinical dosage is 1500- 3000mg/ Day), in Kosher, Halal and Vegetarian Capsules without adding any Fillers, Binder or Artificial ingredients. Our products are also Gluten and GMO Free.

 DOEST IT WORK? - Yes, Summit Nutritions Garcinia Cambogia is 100% Pure and Natural formula which comes in Clinical Strength, which control your appetite, blocks fat, increase serotonin level (Good for people who eat more in stress) and increase the energy level. The ultimate weight loss goal is achieved by only proper use of Diet and Exercise and the goal is boosted by Garcinia Cambogia fat blocking effect as studied in many credible clinical studies. We also provide the assurance of 100% Satisfaction or Money back Guarantee to assure return on your investment. We would like to be part of your weight loss goal.


 - Where to get this Product-Be sure to let me know how you did!
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Posted on December 24, 2014 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (572)




Ever had that party where all your crystal ends up smashed and shattered on the floor.. ya me too!

I am not sure how this happens to me but nonetheless it does no nowadays I use shhh ... plastic wine glasses. It is not that I can't trust my guests that I love so dearly but lets face it we all have the clutsy gene and if you don't it is apparently contageous in my house. And on top of that ... children ... dare I say they have also shattered a few in their day. SIGH>


Look at this! Perfect isn't it!



Now I know what you are thinking WINE IN PLASTIC YUCK... I am here to tell you other than the occasional musical off the rim of the crystal, you can not tell these are plastic. No it doesn't change the flavor of the wine but yes even better it saves your floor and your glasses!


I have been using these for quite sometime, apparently we like wine, or parties... hell we like both! What I don't like is the clean up and the water spots and the rug spots. These are great and stain free!


Check out the specs then hop on Amazon and get yourself some!



NEVER BREAK A GLASS AGAIN! With our drama-free glasses you can entertain in style, without the worries. Our glasses are known for their brilliant clarity—such clarity that makes them easily mistaken as crystal. Unlike crystal, however, these glasses won’t crack or break, which makes them ideal for entertaining anywhere, anytime. These shatterproof 16oz glasses allow you to enjoy your wine (or any drink) indoors or outdoors (think pool, patio, boat, campground, RV, etc)!

Besides our durability, what else makes us better than our plastic competitors? For starters, we use USA-made Tritan plastic, which is 100% BPA-free/EA-free and FDA-approved. We don’t believe that you should have to be worrying about yucky chemicals leaching into your drinks. We don’t have tolerance for that junk—and we don’t think you should, either.

We’ve also paid special attention to our rim—because there is nothing worse than a plastic cup rim that’s rough and nips at your lips. Who needs that? We’ve managed to make extra-smooth rims while keeping our glasses ultra-thin—quite a feat!


Lastly, our glasses are actually dishwasher safe!! Avoid being stuck at the sink after a dinner party washing by hand—just throw the glasses in the dishwasher on a non-heated setting, and head to bed!


To put it simply? We’re your best no-break, no-fear, crystal-clear, chemical-free, lip-saver, dishwasher-safe, party-on choice! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.






Posted on December 24, 2014 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (2101)


I really can't say enough about this pan. Honestly I test pans all the time. I even got those Todd English Green pans with a lifetime warranty.. ya those do not do what they promise for more than a month. Very disapointing



I have always loved testing pans and am always searching for a non stick that can handle high temperatures. Most people don't know that just using your stove on a regular medium heat can be too hot for most non stick pans and they in fact emit a toxin into your food. This doesn't make me happy as I am sure it would not you either. So I opt for stainless, ceramic or cast iron, but sometimes they are not what I need at the time. Gladly I found this.




ZP1-20 8" Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri is awesome. I have used it almost every morning for a month for various things. From the perfect non stick eggs to melting

cheese directly in the pan. AND IT DIDN'T STICK!!! I was truly amazed!.


This is my trying to burn the cheese! Do yourself a favor and try this pan- you won't regret it!





I made a great video trying to burn some parmesan cheese- but it toasted nicely. The eggs don't stick at all .. check them out here:



Here is some more detailed information about this product and why it is so great, keeping in mine that this is a Pinch of German and this pan in of course made utilizing GREBLON is an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany, the Green Earth Pan by Ozeri is one of the world's first frying pans to achieve non-stick perfection while remaining absolutely free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals. Conventional cookware and other ceramic cookware brands achieve their non-stick performance through a coating of PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene), a synthetic substance that has waxy properties.


At very high temperatures, PTFE begins to decompose and release fumes which are documented to be lethal to birds and small pets,

and which can be harmful to humans.


In addition, traditional pans incorporating PTFE are often manufactured with the aid of PFOA (PerFluoroOctanoic Acid), which the EPA has classified as a 'persistent pollutant of the environment'.


With the Green Earth Pan's GREBLON ceramic from Germany, even under I have high temperatures, no harmful toxic fumes are ever released into the environment. This is because the Green Earth Pan utilizes a 100% ceramic coating inspired by nature - not a laboratory.

The Green Earth Pan's ceramic coating is completely free of PTFE and PFOA, and far more durable and scratch-resistant than other non-stick surfaces.


With better non-stick properties, the Green Earth Pan allows you to saute, fry, bake, boil and braise with as little as half the amount of oil normally used, and cleaning is a breeze.


he Green Earth Pan by Ozeri is made of the highest quality die-cast aluminum that allows for even cooking and fantastic browning without hot spots. It boasts a magnetized bottom for rapid heat transfer on induction stoves, and a heat resistant silicone coated handle. This version of the Green Earth Pan features a textured ceramic cooking surface. The elevations of the textured cooking surface create air pockets which distribute heat underneath food to enhance cooking performance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. GREBLON ceramic made by Weilburger GmbH, Germany. Final assembly in China.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum + 2.5% Retinol Serum

Posted on November 19, 2014 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (1904)

I can't say enough about this company, I am always plesantly surprised when I get to test a product from them and it always does what they say.  I mean is everything magic in a bottle, well sure a little bit.  It helps that these folks are so great to deal with they make it fun to order items.  #BodyMerry

All of these products below feel amazing on your skin and smell great.  You can feel them working and you can see results.  I never believe these claims but I tried them and fell in love.

Below are the finer details about this product- easily found on amazon and while you are there, check out all of their products!


Body Merry’s power packed duo of Hyaluronic Dew Serum and Pro-A Serum is perfect for those looking for an effective natural and organic formula to fight the signs of aging.


Hyaluronic Dew Serum:


Morning dew is nature’s reminder that we all need moisture to kick start our day. This premium hydrating serum contains plant derived Hyaluronic Acid that provides the perfect amount of ‘dew’ to last throughout the day. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Green Tea add that extra punch, leaving your skin smooth and nourished.


Pro-A Serum:


Much has been said about the power of Retinol in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and its not without reason. This professional grade 2.5% retinol serum lets you truly sink in all the goodness of Vitamin A. Plant derived Hyaluronic Acid adds the much needed hydration and Green Tea works its charm as a powerful antioxidant.



Retinol has time and again proven itself to be a potent youth reviving ingredient. Body Merry's Retinol Surge Moisturizer combines the power of 2.5% Retinol with a bunch of soothing natural antioxidants that work together to visibly reduce the signs of aging. Plant Derived Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and nourishes your skin. This unique formulation not only helps to provide a flawless tone and texture, but also leaves your skin feeling and looking smoother, plumper and younger.


The formula does not contain any harsh chemicals such as Parabens, Sulphates or Phthalates. The moisturizer is made in the USA in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility. It is not tested on animals

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Do you Stevia?

Posted on November 19, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (1616)


There is so much controversy with sweeteners these days, and stevia is one that pops up quite often.  I personally am not a sugar fan, I used spenda as part of my weight watchers diet way back when and have since converted to stevia...   I love it in my coffee and my tea with honey!

It is so versatile that it an easy swap when baking, I do find it sweeter though and cut back typically.  Because I follow the whole GMO fight and try really hard to eat organic- I AM NOT PERFECT by any stretch... I have been really on the fence with any sugar and sweetener, however this is the one I would use if I am to use it after all it is organic and tastes great!  Moderation is key. 

I did recently watch the documentary FED UP- watch it if you haven't see it ... highly recommend that.  But is really sheds a light on the sugar industry.. and our government.  But I digress!


Kiva Organic Stevia is a multi-purpose tabletop sweetener made from Non-GMO stevia plants grown in the USA and is a perfect substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners. It also  has zero-calories, no bitter aftertaste, and a low glycemic index, making it ideal for those managing calories and blood sugar.   I have found this by far superior to any other and highly reccomend this company.

Here is some of their info :O First look them up


We blend our high purity stevia extract with erythritol (e-ryth-ri-tol), a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in fruits and vegetables to create a delicious blend that's easy to serve. Enjoy!


Conversion: Sugar to Kiva Organic Stevia

1 Tsp (sugar) = 1/8 Tsp (Kiva Organic Stevia)

1 Tbsp (sugar) = 1/3 Tsp (Kiva Organic Stevia)

1/4 cup (sugar) = 1/2 Tbsp (Kiva Organic Stevia)

1/2 cup (sugar) = 1 Tbsp (Kiva Organic Stevia)

1 cup (sugar) = 2 Tbsp (Kiva Organic Stevia)


A little bit goes a long way!


About Kiva: At Kiva, we strive to provide you with innovative food from around the world that is great tasting, healthy and of the highest quality. We are committed to using only ingredients that are sourced directly from local farmers that practice sustainable and eco-friendly methods.


Do not miss out on getting your bottle here  You'll be glad you did!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Posted on November 17, 2014 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (809)


I had to opportunity to test another Body Merry product, and if you have read my posts you know I love this company.  This time I tried the Cellulite cream, because we all know this is not a look we want to have.. I mean I like Cheese but not on my thighs!

The cream is reminiscent of Ben Gay- smelling and it cools the skin a bit, I happen to love this but if you are not into that well than that will be a negative for you!  You can feel your skin tighten and it does reduce the look of cellulite.  Of course anything that sounds too good to be true - well it is. You can't expect to use this cream and solve all your problems, it will not last for ever but it does work!  I would need to use this over alonger period of time to see the long term effects but I think this product rocks!

I would show you a picture of my legs and all but really no one needs to see that- after all I do want you to come back to my sight! :O

This cream is made of  a unique Caffeine + Retinol + Seaweed formula. This gel-cream has a strong caffeine content with the optimum level of retinol (0.4%), as recommended by experts. For good measure, we’ve also added potent natural and organic ingredients such as algae extract, kelp, coconut oil, japanese green tea leaf extract and cayenne. Like all our products, it is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates.


The gel-cream consistency is designed to spread over large areas and it absorbs quickly into your skin. The cream is infused with a refreshing 100% natural ‘mint - green tea - lime’ fragrance, that barely leaves a trace once fully absorbed.


In a nutshell, Body Merry’s Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream is your ticket to visibly reducing the appearance of unwanted bumps and lumps and getting skin that feels and looks tighter, smoother and younger!

You can find this product on Amazon like I did!  Click Here

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.



GF Zucchini Carrot Cake

Posted on September 23, 2014 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (1565)

Yes it looks amazing doesn't it!  And we can call it healthy can't we?!  After all it is loaded with veggies, and the flour and sugar well they are not the main attraction haha although anthing other than this frosting may not be worth the discussion!

I borrowed and adapted this recipe from You can use their recipe if you want to but because I have to convert everything over to gluten free- it was just my guide.  Aside from that I am totally incapable of following a recipe!  

To begin you will need to get your veggies shredded so they can lose some of their water content.  So whichever way you choose to shred your veggies put them in a strainer to drain while you get the rest of the cake prepped.   I used the Blue Nile Spiral Slicer as seen in the video below- what an awesome tool!

What an awesome tool! 

What a fun tool to play with your food! I had the chance to use the spiral slicer that I hear so much about and yup it is as fun as it looks! I had some trouble with


hard veggies like potatoes but carrots and zucchini were a breeze! With all the zuchini that comes from the garden even if I use it just for that to make pasta, cupcakes, bread and pancakes that it is worth it really. This was a fun cake I was testing to use up the the rest of my zuchini in the garden and really you can only eat so much ratatouille in a summer.. haha

What I love about it is :



EASY-TO-USE INGENIOUS DESIGN. Hand held plastic vegetable cutter with two blade sizes. Use a simple turning motion (just like sharpening a pencil) to instantly turn boring vegetables into irresistable curly veggie treats. Easy and safe to operate, no machine to set up. Dishwasher safe & easy to clean, small enough to fit into your kitchen drawer.

PERFECT FOR CARROTS, ZUCCHINI, CUCUMBER, TURNIPS & SWEET POTATOES. Spiralize endless Julienne strips of carrots, zucchini, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables for low carb, healthy vegetable meals. Simply the best vegetable pasta slicer available.

STAINELESS STEEL VEGETABLE SPIRALIZER WITH SPECIAL JAPANESE BLADES - TWO SUPER SHARP JULIENNE SIZES - 2mm x 3mm and 3.5mm x 5mm. Perfect sizes to create vegetable stir-fries, pasta dishes, salad brighteners and more! High quality spiral vegetable slicer with special super sharp Japanese stainless steel blades & high grade food-safe plastic.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


Go here to get your slicer Bluelife Spiral Vegetable Slicer #spiralslicer ;

For this awesome cake you will need: 

For the cake

2 cups flour

2 cups sugar

2 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. baking powder

2 tsp. baking soda

3/4 cup vegetable oil

4 eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

2 cups shredded zucchini

1 cup shredded carrots

For the frosting

1 stick butter, softened

8 oz cream cheese, softened

3 1/2 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

For the cake

Combine the dry ingredients.

Mix in the oil, eggs, and vanilla until well blended.

Stir in zucchini and carrots.

Pour into greased jelly roll pan (15″x10″;).

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. You can also bake it in 9×13 pan for 45 minutes.

Cool, then top with cream cheese frosting.

For the frosting

Mix butter and cream cheese together with an electric mixer.

Add powdered sugar and vanilla. Blend until smooth and spreadable.

I always add some zest to my frosting- like lemon or orange and a table spoon of the juice because it really makes a difference!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Posted on September 14, 2014 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (502)


I knew this was something I wanted to try out. But not the conventional way that is shown on the package. I have a little porch outside my side door where I

like to sit and have my coffee, I hate the bugs and always have to go in at night becuase of them. Well I got this to try out and decided to purchase the

garage size as well to fit all the way around my porch! YEAH it is not conventional so I have a few tweaks and it was a little bit

more tricky than expected but that was my fault not the product. I have seen these for some time, but just recently looked into them more.

This is a great replacement for a busted screen door for a friend of mine and my mom wanted it for her back door as well,

but it also has a variety of other uses and benefits, but is so nice to have a screen door on my side door now!

The Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen Door is easy to install when following the instructions. My husband was able to put up the door with ease.

It was really simple. It is also pet friendly. My cats don't mess with it at all. I don't have a dog but if you have a dog that needs to go in and out the screen door can easily work for that too.

The screen door has hands free entry. I go in and out to my backyard a ton of times when I am bbqing.

This is a really nice feature for that. The design of this easy to use screen door comes with magnets sewn into it.

The product is made of lightweight mesh, but it seems very durable especially when compared to the other brand I have.

The door also comes with velcro in the seam which I think is great. I love that this door keeps bugs out, which is the one reason I wanted it. SO yes I would recommend this for sure

and if you get it then think of all the other great ways you can use it as well!


To find yours go to

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

GF Callah Bread

Posted on September 13, 2014 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (37186)


Doesn't this just look amazing!!?? Well that is becuase pictures don't lie!

It is amazing and so easy to make I was surprised!






As many of you know I only use GF Jules flour for my GF treats becuase I have found it acts

just like regular flour and tastes great! SO I decided to try out one of her recipes to test out these

cool non stick silicone baking mats I recieved. I typically use parchement paper but it is such a pain to

cut it out all the time and then have the edges burn which leave a horrid smell coming from your oven when

all you want to smell is fresh bread! So away I went cooking up this incredible bread.. and the truth be told

I was only making this bread because I really wanted some GF Angel food cake and I had a ton of left over egg yolks

so why not make bread? After all I have been making vats of soup and sauce from my tomato harvest (all to be seen on my

fb page and I was thinking bread will go great with our soup and spaghetti



Here is Jules Recipe


I made mine without the fruit!




GF Challah



•1/3 cup warm water

•1 package rapid rise gf yeast (Red Star®)

•1 tsp. granulated cane sugar

•1 cup vanilla dairy or non-dairy yogurt, at room temperature (So Delicious® Vanilla Coconut Yogurt)

•1 tsp. apple cider vinegar

•5 large egg yolks at room temperature (slightly mixed)

•1/3 cup vegetable oil

•4 Tbs. honey, agave nectar or molasses

•4 cups Jules Gluten Free™ All-Purpose Flour

•3 Tbs. + 2 tsp. granulated cane sugar

•1 1/4 tsp. kosher salt

•1/2 tsp. baking soda

•2 tsp. gluten-free baking powder

•1 large egg, mixed

•poppy seeds, sesame seeds, raisins, diced apples or other toppings (optional)




Preheat your oven to 200º F, then turn it off; if you have a warming drawer, you may set that to low/moist setting instead. Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with parchment paper.


In a small bowl, mix together the warm water, yeast and 1 teaspoon of sugar to proof the yeast; set aside. In the bowl of your stand mixer, add the remaining wet ingredients and mix until combined. Whisk together the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. After 5 minutes of proofing, stir in the yeast-water mixture into the wet ingredients (note: if your yeast isn’t bubbling at this point, throw it out and start again with fresh yeast). Gradually stir in the dry ingredients until fully integrated, then mix 2 minutes more on medium speed.


Using either method, once the dough is combined, divide it in half and divide each half into three equal-sized balls (6 balls total). Roll each ball out into an 18-inch coil or log on a clean, flat surface dusted lightly with Jules Gluten Free™ All Purpose Flour. Pinch together one end of each coil, wetting them slightly with water to help them join together at the top, then braid them, finishing by connecting them to the top of the other end in order to form a long braid.


Gently transfer braid to the parchment-lined baking sheet. Repeat for the second set of three balls. You may divide the dough into as many balls as you like, counting on at least 3 balls per loaf. Roll each to equal lengths of coil and braid into 1, 2, or 4 loaves.


In a small bowl, mix the extra egg together with a splash of water and brush over each loaf well, coating the entire top surface. Sprinkle the fruit or any toppings at this point, then place the tray (covering the loaves with wax paper sprayed with cooking oil) in a warming drawer set to low heat, or into the preheated oven for at least 20 – 30 minutes.


Once risen at least slightly, place the uncovered tray in an oven preheated to 350º F (static) or 325º F (convection) for 20 minutes (less time for smaller loaves). Remove to cool on a wire rack.




Back to the mats.. did you know these are Certified FDA Approved?! That is pretty incredible! They are fun for the kids simple to use, they need no prepping and

made of fiber cloths covered with the best food grade silicone. They are non toxic and yup they are BPA FREE! I can't say enough of these and how easy it is to wash

just warm water and air to dry roll it and store it. Save on money buying that "other stuff"


WANT ONE- GO HERE Baking Mat #bakingmat









And how amazing is this recipe and yes that angel food cake i mentioned - I'll be posting about that soon too! These mats are so easy to clean

flexible so they roll up to store easily. I use mine to sperate my pampered chef kitchen stones- less breakage that way haha.







Here are the facts on these mats- I highly recommend them they are so easy to use and reusable!


Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat With Measurements - 420mm x 280mm (16-1/2" x 11") with Free Recipe eBook.


Toaster Oven & Freezer Safe - Cookie, Macaron & Pastry Sheet.


Perfect to use in oven, microwave or freezer - Takes up to -40F (-40 C) degrees to 450F (230 C) degrees - Flavors or odors will not penetrate the baking mat

Check out the video on how to put it together!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Posted on August 31, 2014 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (2224)


I got to tell you- my husband has raved about glucosamine for a long time especially where I have joint problems, and issues with stiffness, joint cracking and popping- name it and I have had it. Well I have taken

this stuff before however it was another brand, several at that and have had no relief. I decided to give this a try when I was offered to test this product. Honeslty this coudn't of come to me at a better time.

I am not sure what I did or but my shoulders have been bad lately, as well as my knees and it was so bad that I couldn't lift my arm over my head. Such pain I thought I actually tore something.

Well I started taking this and literally within a week all the pain in my shoulder was gone. Now I know that is quick for this product and it should take a good few months for this to work

and gets better over time however I was very impressed with this brand and will definately order again.


Glucosamine is responsible for building cartilage, ligaments and tendons. We need them to protect our joints and allow our bodies to move freely.

Chondroitin will help our joints be more flexible and elastic.

MSM is fundamental in the creation of collagen, elastin and cartilage which will ensure healthier joints.

Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM occur naturally in our bodies. However, their production is decreased over the years. As the bone protecting cartilages become thinner, the bones will not be protected when we move. This will cause much pain and discomfort.

Taking high quality supplements is a safe and efficient way to replenish our bodies with the needed amount of these substances.



Go Get yours! It works!





This product is aimed for individuals who suffer from:

•Joint pain

Joint stiffness

Joint cracking and popping

Not being able to exercise as you used to

Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM are responsible for building and keeping healthy cartilages that protect our joints! If we can keep our joints strong, they won`t stop us!

This is how Number One Glucosamine can help your body:

•Build cartilage and protect our joints

Give our joints more elasticity and mobility

Help our body maintain healthy joints

Help minimize joint pain

What are you waiting for?

Do you want to maintain your joints pain free and healthy?

Yes, we can be pain free and be proactive about our joint health!

Would you like to be able to accomplish any physical activity and not have to worry about whether your joint pain will act out?

Regain control of your mobility and the rest will fall into place!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.