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A Pinch of German

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Feed Your Dreams

$15.99 $24.95

Drawing from her German heritage, Nathalie Porter has been passionately cooking since the age of 5. From her mother and grandmother’s apron strings, Nathalie learned family recipes; keeping them active in her family gatherings, as well as successfully serving them at catered events.

Since the age of 9, Nathalie has documented recipes that have been passed down through generations of her German lineage as well as creating her own unique recipes. After years of working on her dream to complete this collection it is finally here for your enjoyment!

In this long awaited book you will find delicious meals for every occasion! A Pinch of German is just that, a pinch of imaginative cooking that takes your palate to a whole new place. So dive into this cookbook, enjoy sumptuous and easy to follow recipes that will surely become staple recipes for you, your family and friends!

You surely will love this collection of 161 recipes! There is also a feed your soul book at the end of the book..

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